Noah Snudduband Natura

2.690 kr

The finest pacifier cord in a beautiful natural shade. With a pacifier cord, you are sure to always have control over the pacifier for the little one. 

Size:  2.50 x 16 cm.

Quality:  Fabric: 100% organic cotton. Rubber ring: 100% Rubber. Clip: 100% Wood with nickel-free metal clip. 

Washing instructions:  Dry with a damp cloth  - Do not tumble dry  - Do not iron - Do not dry clean - Do not bleach - Always follow the recommended washing instructions. 

The pacifier cord complies with all safety requirements in the Danish/European legislation "DS/EN 12586 + A1".  The pacifier cord must not be used as a toy, it must be used under supervision and must not sit on the child's clothes when the child is sleeping. Check the pacifier cord  regularly  and discard it if there are signs of wear.