KAOS Klapp Baby Seat

18.692 kr 21.990 kr

Klapp Babyseat for newborn and up to 9 kg.

Klapp Babyseat is compatible with Klapp high chair and is made from recycled fishnet, for the good of tomorrow.

Klapp Babyseat is easy to clip on and off the backrest of Klapp high chair. It comes with a padded cushion and 5-point harness, ready assembled in the box.

Slippers for anti tilting are also included in the box.

Klapp Babyseat allows for the baby to be included around the dining table already from newborn age.

Klapp Babyseat is made from 50% recycled fishnet from post-industrial waste, hence the hint of green. By choosing the Klapp Babyseat you contribute to prevent ghost fishing and make great use of ocean waste. We encourage you pass it down to friends and family, help us make it live forever.