KAOS Endeløs Rimlar

59.990 kr

The only climbing wall in the world that evolves with your child. Simply brilliant. And so stylish. Use alone or combine with other Endeløs modules and accessories.

Kids grow too fast and it’s exactly why we developed KAOS Endeløs. Endeløs is a modular furniture system that grows with the child. With this base of vertical modules, you get a stylish and sturdy climbing wall for kids to climb and play in. While a traditional climbing wall is only relevant for a very short period KAOS Endeløs can evolve to suit new needs.

KAOS Endeløs has a patented system that makes it 100% flexible. You can add a variety of accessories as time goes to keep it relevant for a lifetime. Add some canvas shelves for books, storage bags for toys or create a desktop station with a nitty organizer. You can also add modules vertically or horizontally to create functional furniture in all sorts of formats.

Endeløs is suitable for children who manage to climb on their own (+/- 2 years). When in use we recommend placing a soft mattress or similar in front of it to prevent falling on a hard surface.

Endeløs vertical set up withstands a load up to 100 kg. I comes flat packed and is easy to assemble.

Endeløs is developed in collaboration with our friends from Permafrost.

Dimensions 62,5 x 180 cm Builds 13 cm from the wall Package: 29x15x74 cm
Weight 8 kg 100 kg tolerance
Materials Ash (white pigmented oil) Gold brass hardware White glasfiber brackets
Remember Eventual plug Mount it resting on the floor (not hanging on the wall)